“Kontact videos

SPIX industry introduces KONTACT, a specialized video editor (K-Studio), combined with a dedicated interactive application (K-Player), dedicated to gesture knowledge capitalization and transfert (K-Pluse). The ultimate solution for blue-collars’ know-how capitalization!

The KONTACT solution is 100% on premise to guaranty the confidentiality of the knowledge data.

– Interactive manipulation of video-oriented gestural know-how (K-psules)
– Quick access to specific knowledge points (K-point)
– Integration of business repositories (PPE, machines, consumables, etc.)
– A “5-senses” view of gestural know-how: touch, smell, view, hands, …
– Replay of the gesture for better understanding
– Analysis of the errors to avoid for a safe gesture

KONTACT offers a standardization of blue-collars’ training protocols: from e-learning to learning-by-doing

Let’s have a first look at KONTACT
From e-learning to learning-by-doing…

For the first time, the learning protocol can be used by shop floor workers during their operations. The learning effect is maximized!

Caliper setup

Special machine cleaning

COVID testing protocol

Potter’s gesture explained

Micrometer calibration

3D printing lense cleaning

3D printer powder filtering

Construction crane assembly