Beyond Pick by Voice

SPIX industry uses heritage to Pick by Voice to revolutionize inspection and quality control.

An AI solution open to business software

Recent technical advances in Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Multimodal Interfaces have made it possible to develop voice systems that are much more intelligent than the voice picking solutions (sometimes called pick by voice) already deployed in warehouses. Your inspectors and quality controllers can benefit from it.

For several decades, the voice solutions actually used in industry have mainly been Voice Picking solutions for warehouses. Voice Picking is a semi-automatic order-picking technology in which a Picker uses a wireless device connected to warehouse management software (WMS). An operator receives instructions on the goods to be picked via a headset and confirms with a microphone that the task has been completed. Thanks to voice control, he no longer needs to consult a picklist, and his hands remain free to move goods more efficiently or drive a forklift. The warehouse management software indicates the picking route, the picking order and the number of items in each reference.

SPIX FOR CHECK is a new intelligent voice solution developed by SPIX Industry, which brings maximum efficiency and reliability to the inspection and quality control professions, thanks to genuine human-machine collaboration.

more inspections carried out in less time

Improved SAFETY
hands and eyes free for a task

more real-time information from the field

comfortable data entry and consultation

Accelerated TRAINING
rapid integration of novices and temps

SPIX industry’s unique expertise has been built up over more than ten years of experimentation and the processing of multiple use-cases proposed by our industrial customers.

SPIX for CHECK is the solution of choice for all users of Quality Management Systems (QMS) and Inspection Management Systems (IMS) software. Interfacing with existing software is simple and robust, and requires no integration effort.

SPIX for CHECK can be installed on your already deployed Android device, hardened or not, such as Samsung, ZEBRA, Crosscall, Archos, DOOGEE or CATERPILLAR. In addition, we can supply you with our reference smartphone certified “GOOD for SPIX for CHECK”, as well as our headset/microphone qualified for your industrial environment.

100% VOCAL




We offer annual subscription formulas that include maintaining the solution in operational condition, as well as updating it as our product roadmap evolves.

Our SPIX for CHECK commitment :

  • Check that your business process is well adapted to our solution
  • Verification of the interface capabilities of your existing software (QMS or IMS)
  • Checking the compatibility of your device for proper execution of our software
  • Matching the gains you’re looking for with those provided by the solution
  • Observation of your field operators as they carry out their tasks, for better acceptance and use of the solution
  • Checking the noise level of the working environment to qualify our headphones and microphones.

A turnkey application that’s autonomous, embedded and functional off the network. A pivotal format for interfacing with all QMS and IMS software.