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The first intelligent voice solution for
Quality inspectors and controllers

Completing the digital transformation

Digital transformation is essential to enhance the traceability of field operations and the competitiveness of manufacturers.

Digital control andinspection tools are not compatible with field operations.

Fast, intuitive interface to IMS/QMS

Among the fundamental reasons given by companies for not adopting voice technology; having to rely on in-house IT resources to make changes to existing QMS or IMS software is their number one problem.

SPIX FOR CHECK takes the load off your IT team. We offer the flexibility you need to adapt to your IT architecture, while reducing project risk and meeting your desired go-live date. We offer the fastest service in the industry, with minimum IT integration time.

Whether you want to integrate a real-time voice interface for recent applications, or a non-real-time interface for older versions of market applications or specially developed applications, SPIX FOR CHECK offers you multiple approaches to integration.

Integration with SPIX FOR CHECK typically requires just a few days’ work, compared with the traditional three to six months’ project time required by other voice solution providers.

Voice-activated functions

Spix for Check enables the quality control or inspection operator to interact by voice on the move with a form from an IMS or QMS software application. Voice interaction is used to access the list of operations to be performed, and to enter the values expected by the form.

Spix for Check’s pivot format not only makes it possible to view a form on a mobile screen, but also to manage the operator’s voice interactions.

The operator can ask his voice assistant for help at any time. For example, to access the validity limits of an expected measurement.

Inspection and quality control professions

Logistics audit

Incident report

Risk assessment

Vehicle inspection

HACPP audit

ISO XXX gap analysis control

Readiness check

Daily construction site diary

Monthly site inspection

Manufacturing quality control checklist

Moving report

Operational control audit

Building inspection

Fire extinguisher inspection

Fire assessment exercise checklist

Warehouse security control

PDCA model

Emergency plan

SMETA checklist

Consignment sheet

Test launch

Energy audit

Technical visit

Audit5S/ 6S

Preventive building maintenanceElectrical safety inspection

PPE control

Sanitary control

Cleaning control

Pre-acceptance inspection

Booth tour

Verification of Technical Installations and Equipment

Stock audit

Hygiene and Food Safety Audit

Machine reception

Environmental audit

Technical round

OHS assessment on construction sites

Medical checklist for surgical safety (WHO)

Gas safety check

Warehouse receiving process checklist

First site visit

HACPP audit

GFSI control

Manufacturing audit

Assembly audit

HVAC maintenance control

Safety report

Aircraft checklist

Technical verification of FFTH connections

Checking conformity of works

A turnkey, stand-alone application, embedded and functional outside the network.
A pivotal format for interfacing with all QMS and IMS software